Eclipse Phase: Titan

Planetary Consortium Media: Mars Report

Triad In-fighting Entangles Innocents in Anyang Habitat

In-fighting among the triads spilled over to bystanders when a biosculpter and lab technician in a black clinic operated by the Triads went rogue, murdering a Triad agent and unleashing a bioweapon in a small Martian habitat outside of Little Shanghai. The mesh has been abuzz with rumors that the alleged perpetrator, Achjima Yai, who had run up significant debts with the triads, snapped and killed a local enforcer in Triad employ, Kjell Hoff, before attempting to infect several other Triads with an infectious agent she created in her laboratory.

Achjima was killed by a private security force contracted by the local militia when they engaged her in the habitat’s Air-Processing plant. Achjima had kidnapped an air processing engineer by the name of Scott Wai and stood off with the private security force for several minutes with a sniper rifle and several servitors which she had hacked. The team rescued Wai and returned him to his family.

Before holing herself up in the Air-Processing plant, witnesses reported that she had released some kind of gaseous biomass in the habitat. Luckily for Anyang, a nearby biomedical conference was taking place in Nytrondheim, and on picking up chatter over the mesh, several researchers diverted to Anyang and assisted in clean up. Two militia and four innocents, including one child tested positive for infection from the bioweapon and were treated with medichines.

It is not yet known what Achjima’s true motivation was, or if the Triads will be held liable for their part in this turn of events. Achjima’s cortical stack was corrupted and unrecoverable, and no back up was traceable by Planetary Consortium authorities.


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