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Access jack: mental augumentation, implant. Usually located in the base of the skull or neck, this implant is an external socket with a direct neural interface. It allows the character to establish a direct wired connection using a fiberoptic cable to external devices or other characters, which can be useful in places where wireless links are unreliable or complete privacy is required. Two characters linked via access jack can “speak” mind-to-mind and transfer information between their mesh inserts and other implants.

Anarchists. See autonomists.

Argononists. See autonomists.

Augumented Reality (AR): object, concept. Information from the mesh that is overlaid on your real-world senses. AR data is usually, but not always, visual.

Autonomists: faction. The alliance of anarchists, argonomists (techno-progessive scientists), Barsoomians (Mars rebels), Extropians (anarcho-capitalists), scum (space nomad/gypsies), and Titanians (colonists of Titan), dominant in the outer solar system. Usually at odds with the hypercorps.

Barsoomians: faction. Martians, typically resentful of hypercorp control. Most of rural Martians supports Barsoomians. See autonomists.

Basic mesh inserts: mental augumentation, implant(s). mesh inserts are ubiquitous among modern morphs. This network of cybernetic brain implants is essential equipment for anyone who wants to stay connected and make full use of the wireless mesh. The interconnected components of this system include:
• Cranial computer: This computer serves as the hub for the character’s personal area network and is home to their muse. It has all of the functions of a smartphone and PDA, acting as a media player, meshbrowser, alarm clock, calendar, positioning and map system, address book, advanced calculator, file storage system, search engine, social networking client, messaging program, and note pad. It manages the user’s augmented reality input and can run any software the character desires. It also processes XP data, allowing the user to experience other people’s recorded memories, and also allowing the user to share their own XP sensory input with others in real-time. Facial/image recognition and encryption software are included by default
• Radio transceiver:This transceiver connects the user to the mesh and other characters/devices within range. It has an effective range of 20 kilometers in deep space or other locations far from radio interference and 1 kilometer in crowded habitats.
• Medical sensors: This array of implants monitors the user’s medical status, including heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, neural activity, and much more. A sophisticated medical diagnostic system interprets the data and warns the user of any concerns or dangers.
Using any of these functions is as easy as thinking.

Biomorph: object. Biological morph (flesh body).

Cortical stack: physical augumentation, implant. An implanted memory cell used for ego backup. A cortical stack is a tiny cyberware data storage unit protected within a synthdiamond case the size of a grape, implanted at the base of the skull where the brain stem and spinal cord connect. It contains a digital backup of that character’s ego. Part nanoware, the implant maintains a network of nanobots that monitor synaptic connections and brain architecture, noting any changes and updating the ego backup in real time, right up to the moment of death. If the character dies, the cortical stack can be recovered and they may be restored from the backup. Cortical stacks do not have external or wireless access (for security), they must be surgically removed. Cortical stacks are extremely durable, requiring special effort to damage or destroy. They are commonly recovered from bodies that have otherwise been pulped or mangled. Cortical stacks are intentionally isolated from mesh inserts and other implants, as a security measure to prevent hacking or external tampering.

Ego: The part of you that switches from body (morph) to body. AKA ghost, soul, essence, spirit, persona

Extropians: see autonomists.

Fall, The: historical event. The apocalypse; the singularity and wars that nearly brought about the downfall of transhumanity.

Forking: Copying an ego. Beta forks are partial copies of the ego. They are intentionally hobbled so as to not to be considered an equal to the character, for legal and other reasons.

Fray: skill for close combat

Free fall: skill for moving in 0-G

Freerunning: skill for tumble/acrobatics

Gate(s): see Pandora gates.

Hypercorp(s): intersolar corporations. Cut-throat capitalists, often wielding more influence than surviving governments. Control the inner system, including Mars. Usually at odds with the autonomists.

Infomorph: object. Software morph (virtual body). Also known as datamorphs, uploads, backups. All your backups from cortical stacks are infomorphs. Whether AIs are infomorphs or not is a technicality.

Interfacing: skill for computer use

Kinesics: skill for empathy, sense motive

Lunars: faction. Moon colonists.

Mesh: the Internet.

Morph: object. Physical body for your ego. AKA suit, jacket, sleeve, shell, form.

Muse: Personal AI helper programs. Hosted in cranial computer (see basic mesh inserts) of most morphs.

Pandora Gates: The wormhole gateways leading to other planets discovered after the disappearance of the TITANs. AKA stargates.

Reclaimers: faction. A transhuman faction that seeks to lift the interdiction and reclaim Earth.

Reputation: concept. You can use it instead of money.
The Circle-A List
anarchists, Barsoomians, Extropians, Titanian, and scum
hypercorps, Jovians, Lunars, Martians, Venusians
nano-ecologists, preservationists, and reclaimers
socialites (also artists, glitterati, and media)
The Eye
Research Network Associates
argonauts (also technologists, researchers, and scientists)

Simsense. See XP.

Scum: see autonomists.

Singularity: concept, historical event. A point of rapid, exponential, and recursive technological progress, beyond which the future becomes impossible to predict. Often used to refer to the ascension of seed AI to god-like levels of intelligence. Led to the Fall.

Singularity seekers: faction. People who pursue relics and evidence of the TITANs or other possible avenues to super-intelligence, either to learn more about it or to become part of a super-intelligence themselves. Often viewed with suspicion, due to the events of the Fall.

Synthmorph: object, mechanical morph (robot body).

TITANs: object, concept, faction. The human-created, recursively improving, military seed AIs that underwent a hard-takeoff singularity and prompted the Fall. Original military designation was TITAN: Total Information Tactical Awareness Network. Usually liked about as much as Skynet in the Terminator-verse. TITANs have not been seen since the Fall; existing governments engagement policies in case they return varies between “nuke first” and “run like hell”. TITAN artifacts are highly restricted and often illegal in most jurisdictions.

Titanians: see autonomists.

Transhuman(ity): concept. More than human(ity): includes heavily modified humans (cyborgs, etc.), and sentient creations of humanity such as AIs, infomorphs or uplifts.

Uplifts: genetically modified animals that were given sapience.

XP: Experience Playback. Experiencing someone else’s sensory input (in real-time or recorded). Also called experia, sim, simsense, playback. One of basic functions of cranial computer (see basic mesh inserts) of most morphs.

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